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Gina's Autumnal Capsule Wardrobe.

Gina's Autumnal Capsule Wardrobe.

Gina's autumn capsule wardrobe is a reflection of her personal style, which combines quicky, comfort, and a touch of glamour. Here's a curated selection of essential items for Gina's fall wardrobe:

1. GIA Quilted Gillet: Gina's capsule wardrobe begins with a classic stone Gillet. This timeless piece shows, elegance and simplicity and can be dressed up or down, making it perfect for various occasions.

2. BELL Tunic: A warm and stylish sweater dress in a deep autumnal hues is a must for Gina. It can be accessorized for both casual and more formal outings.

3. RIO Blazer: A tailored look blazer adds a touch of professionalism to Gina's wardrobe. Choose one in a versatile colour like chocolate or stone. Perfect to dress up any outfit and teams up beautifully with jeans.

4. BELLA Jeggings: These jeggings are both comfortable and fashionable. They can be paired with blouses, knits, or blazers for a polished look.

5. MABEL Blouse: A luxurious chiffon blouse in rich tone adds sophistication to Gina's wardrobe. It's perfect for dressing up or down.

6. Glitter Cowboy Boots: A pair of stylish cowboy boots in a deep brown or gold complements Gina's outfit choices and keeps her feet cosy. They are a must for this season as they are all in right now.

7. MAGGIE Magic Skirt: Choose this skirt for a versatile look. That will keep you comfy and stylish. Add this statement piece to the wardrobe. It's perfect teamed up with knits or layering tops.

8. OLIVE Saddle Bag: A spacious leather like bag, that is practical for carrying essentials while maintaining a chic and sophisticated appearance. It add that touch of colour to your outfits with that quirky strap.

9. BLAKE Cardigan: A soft and cosy chunky knit cardigan in neutral shades is perfect for layering and staying warm during the fall season.

10. .I.D. Jewellery: To add a touch of glamour and chicness to her outfits, Gina includes a few statement jewellery pieces like bold chunky necklaces. Team them up beautifully with any plain jumper or dress.

This autumn capsule wardrobe for Gina combines classic pieces with a few bold, statement items to reflect Gina's unique style. It's designed to keep her comfortable and stylish in various settings, from work to dinner and casual weekend outings.

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